In recent days, the number of users using internet via their mobile phones has increased tremendously. So realize the importance of having a website designed specially for smart phones.

When you need to go for Mobile (friendly) Web design?

Try viewing your existing Website in a smart phone. If you can see the exact copy of your desktop version of the Website as a small miniature, then understand that your Website is not mobile friendly and proceed for Mobile Web design. We incorporate Responsive Web Design technique and create mobile version for your Website.

We take care of the following in our Mobile Websites :

  • Compatibility :

    The Mobile Website that we create is compatible for all smart phones with several screen resolutions.

  • Browsers :

    We design Websites that is accessible from all mobile browsers iPhone, Windows, Android, Nokia and Blackberry.

  • Limited Texts/Images :

    Mobile version of the Site must have only the key points of contents and descriptive small images. We take care of it while designing Mobile version.

  • Less loading time :

    The success of the Mobile site depends on its loading time. So we take much care of it and deliver you a fast loading Website.

  • Touch navigation menus :

    We include only the important pages from your Website and design with touch-menus.

  • Clickable contacts :

    Email ids or phone numbers, we make it clickable for easy communication.

In todays competitive world, mobile compatible Websites are must for any business. Contact us right away !