Trends in Website Designing

There are many types of website designs available. The designs are generally adopted with the business themes or the developer's own creativity. The theme designs will carry the message of the company's business. A good website design will keep the visitors to stay on the website for a longer time and will give a good impression about the company with the visitors.

Technically there are three types followed in website designing

  • Flash Website

    Flash websites are like watching a small duration movie on the internet. You can use flash to animate your company logo, navigation controls and animated flash images. It's possible to add sound in flash version websites. It will create a long lasting impression with the visitors.

    It's possible to create full website in flash and most of the websites will use flash in the home page. One should be careful in hosting if it's a flash content website. It should be hosted in a fast server as flash consumes more time for page loading when compared to static pages. If you want to create a good impression in the web space then one should use flash content because first impression matters.

  • Static Website

    Are you looking for a simple but search engine friendly website then the only solution is Static websites. The content, design, layout etc. should be carefully planned to create a good impression. It can be developed using simple scripts and HTML codes. You can display your products, talk about your company etc. using this form of website. You will also notice that websites are developed in flash and static pages and the option is given to the viewer to choose. The viewer will decide whether to visit flash version or static page version.

  • Dynamic Website

    This form of websites is required for content such as online database, e-business, membership, private areas, job portals, online shopping portals etc. The content of the web pages will change dynamically using a program in the back end. To give you an example, if a person wants to search jobs available in his city and for his skill set then he needs to key in necessary information and the website will showcase the relevant details for him. Unlike static websites, Dynamic websites will allow visitors to interact with the website.