Email Marketing

The Promotion or marketing of products or services through email is termed as Email marketing. Due to the increased number of Internet users, email marketing has become more significant in the business world. Email marketing strategies are helpful and applicable for people who want their business to expand, and reach out to more customers through the World Wide Web. Well managed email advertising can work effectively and increase the profits of the business. It is cost effective method of advertising in the Internet. Email marketing help to communicate with people for various purposes,

• This includes business promotions to a larger ratio.
• With the purpose of enhancing the relationship with the customers.
• Also to acquire new customers to update the new products and facilities.
• Advertisement emails sent for commercial and business purposes.

Though we have many online marketing options today, which include PPC, website Optimization, affiliate marketing, Internet marketing, the email marketing has its own crown for its easy way of communication. The email marketing has a tremendous growth in the business world due to its simple form of sending emails every day across the world. Email marketing is les expensive and it is excellent for its swift message delivery system.

Benefits of Email marketing:
Email marketing is quickly becoming the most popular forms of Internet advertising as there are many distinct advantages to the concept and some are mentioned below:

  • It makes easy for business to reach worldwide audience
  • Email marketing is it is extremely affordable. The costs associated with email marketing are minimal and can be considered part of the regular operating costs. Email marketing is extremely cost effective than the other types of marketing.
  • Through email marketing, customers are able to receive only relevant and useful information; it is the power of email marketing that makes it possible to provide the best of both efficient as well as unique services to customers
  • It takes less time to send emails compared to other marketing methods and also requires les time to receive responses

Email marketing offers online marketers a viable source of marketing and communication medium. Provides the mechanism by which it will turn potential customers into qualified customers. This is because customer retention goes hand in hand with email marketing. In spite of advantages, there are few limitations to email marketing and are listed below.

Limitations of Email marketing:

  • The most obvious disadvantage to email marketing is the possibility of having the email marketing viewed as spam
  • Emails which contain subject lines or content which appear to be similar to spam may be automatically transferred to a spam email folder by the email system. As a result, if it is not conducted carefully, then you may face a negative effect on business's brand or image.

Execute Email marketing in a right way to get its full benefits.