Cost Per Click (CPC)

Cost Per Click is one of the method of Online advertising which is considered to be successful by most of the online marketers to promote their websites for business. When the visitor clicks on an online advertisement which brings to its website, the advertiser pays an amount to Search Engines and other Publishers on the Internet. It is also known as Cost per response (CPR) as the advertiser pays each time a visitor clicks on their ad banner.

It is an innovative way to draw more traffic to the company websites which may act as a bridge to bring business. It is highly accepted by the Internet marketers and they welcome as the tradition of marketing and shopping are changed by the growth of Internet. Thus, CPC has become a positive feature for any type of business due to huge competition in online shopping and Internet marketing.

Cost Per Click advertising is an affordable and an excellent online advertising way to attract visitors to the website. It is the most cost effective online promotion unless managed properly. CPC advertising should be dealt right for better and positive results. The advertiser knows the value of a visitor's click from a particular source. The value based on the purpose of the visitor's click should match the expectation of the advertiser so as to gain from the visit of the website through the ad click which may be long term or short term.

In this CPC campaign, the webmasters who are hosting adsense ads will be paid an amount for the clicks on an ad. But Google strictly prohibits click fraud, where the people are asked to click on the banner ads to increase the false number of clicks registered with Google.

It is a challenge for the online advertisers to generate the right traffic to the website with this CPC method. The major objective of the advertiser is to gain relevant and proper traffic to the website for which the money is being spent. Thus, it requires professionals and certain skills which bring relevant traffic to achieve the goal of the advertiser.The responses are analyzed and tracked separately to remove less performing ads and to improve the ads that do well which in turn increases the conversion ratio.