FAQs related to Web Designing – 1

FAQs related to Web Designing – 1

As a Web design company, Dream Dezigns come across many questions from clients, friends or potential customers through mail, chat, phone and through social medias. So we planned to answer such common questions in our blog. Here after, every now and then, we would be dealing with such FAQs.

  1. What are the essential principles for a web design?

The Website design should be clean & neat with good clarity and consistency. The Website should be easily accessible for any visitor. Most of the visitors will appreciate only the quality and credibility. A good web design must attract users and should have a good control flow and clear navigation flow. It should provide good guidance. The context should be effective. Making use of white space since it offers a lot of class to a design. The designs should be conventional, since it gains users trust and confidence. Test the design early and frequently.

  1. Is it good to go with Responsive Web Design?

The usage of smart phones and androids has increased drastically across the globe and so it has now become necessary of user friendly mobile websites with RWD technology. A responsive design is coded to adapt and adjust gracefully to various screen size irrespective of the devices. Responsive web design will be the best to opt for mobile SEO strategy. If you want to achieve targeted visitors, you are then compelled to have a responsive web design to drive huge traffic for your website.

  1. What are the skills do a web designer must possess?

Web designers are the one who uniquely create and manage the look and feel of websites. A Web designer should be creative with good communication and interpersonal skills. Of course he should be technically sound with Web design related languages / techniques. He should also be aware of SEO techniques. He must be updated / able to update himself with new evolving technologies in Web designing. The Web designer should be positive and be a good team worker as well. He should be able to work within deadlines and so effective time management is another quality needed for a Web designer.

  1. What are the trendy techniques for web designing currently?
  • More of Flat designs
  • Layout with grid-Style
  • Interesting and exciting typography
  • Incorporates Sliders to attract visitors
  • Responsive Web design
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Using less number of sidebars
  • Using Video players
  • Use of Animated key frames
  1. I do not remember my very first design of my Website. I do not have any backup also. How can I find out my initial web design?

This Website http://archive.org/web/ solves your query.

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