Tips For Responsive Design

Tips for Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Responsive Web Design

A different way of approach towards web design approach focused at proficient sites to implement a maximum viewing experience and also to provide easy reading and navigation in case of minimum resizing, panning, and scrolling beyond a wide area of devices ranging from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones is termed as Responsive Web Design. Here comes some basic tips for responsive web design

Simple layout

  • Just think of your layout before you jump to design a website. Ask some questions to yourself before start of the designing process.
  • Does my layout will have the same impact on a wide range of screens starting from desktop monitor to mobile phones?

Think of Width

  • If there is a need to have a responsive web design, then focus on width conditions.
  • Frequently used major resolutions are 480, 760, 1024 approximately and minor resolutions are 320,728,900 approximately.
  • Define your breakpoints accordingly with smart phones, iPads, desktop versions.


  • Make your picture Fluid
  • Make your layout flexible

Remember about the maximum & minimum width

Check up with your layout when it is being grown or shrink in a ridiculous way when displayed on really large or small device.

Inheritance Method

Make a master container containing a fixed or fluid content where everything can be inherited from it.

Keep essential content

Check up with view-port

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