Benefits of PHP

Advantages of PHP

When one wished to build a website there a lot of aspects that should be considered – Flexibility, Usability and Scalability being key factors among them. There are a lot of web development scripts including Java, ASP.Net, .JSP and others. Clear winner among these however is PHP.

PHP is a server side language that can be used in web browsers. PHP allows for more centralized data, which allows date to be easily stored in databases. PHP also gives developers much more freedom to create light, feature rich web sites that reuse common elements while still being connected to extended data sources. Being able to store data in databases in tern allows a developer to create dynamic content that can be changed easily without rewriting the entire website.

Sites developed based on PHP are attractive to look at, run smoothly, download faster, cheaper on the pocket and easy to handle. As if these are not enough, here are some reasons why PHP is good platform to develop your website in –

1. Free – To Download, Use, Distribute and Royalty.

2. Easy to Learn – PHP Basics are easy to learn. Projects can be understood in less than 3 months time.

3. Runs on 90% of Web Servers

4. Ease of writing interfaces to other libraries

5. Several HTTP server interfaces.

6. Large amount of database interfaces like MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, Informix, and PostgreSQL etc.

7. PHP programming is similar to C / JavaScript and Java.

8. PHP is extendible.

9. PHP will run on (almost) any platform.

10. The PHP Extension and Add-on Repository.

11. PHP is Open Source.

12. Mature Code

13. Works with various databases

14. Free professional integrated developer environments – there are numerous desktop software that give the developer all the tools they require to develop a project.

15. Ready Made Frameworks – enable the developer to focus on the project requirements rather having to create the entire code himself/herself.

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