Roles played by the Web Designer and Developer in creating an effective website

Roles played by the Web Designer and Developer in creating an effective website


Today’s world is full of technology oriented. Computers have been used frequently and internet becomes has become an essential part in every human’s activity. The activities includes such as shopping, booking tickets etc and these activities are done easily with the help of websites found on internet.

Hence website are given much importance. Such websites must be developed with full responsibilities and care by the corresponding web designers and web developers, as both of them takes equal responsibilities in launching a new website. A website should be designed and developed in such a way that it should be user friendly and must have an attractive look and feel. A perfect website must not allow the visitor to switch to some other website. It should provide the visitor with easy navigation flow and interaction.

It is the duty of web designer and developer to provide a proper shape,look and feel to a website. Web designer and developer,both should communicate properly while working on a website. Their fine coordination will result a very good and perfect website. Now lets have a look on some roles to be played by the web designer and web developer.

Roles played by Web designer

Web designer is responsible for designing the pages required for a website. They can be named as front end developers and they are the one who controls the look and feel of a website. They make use of an attractive colors for web elements and also for the pages they are designing in order to provide a unique look to their websites.

The essential elements of a website are the web pages and web elements.

1. The web pages should be designed with much care since this is place where    the users are attracted towards the website. Web designers should follow some designing principles to create a site with unique look and feel.

2. A much attention should be provided while placing the web elements in definite place,since this the visitors an easy navigation flow as well as interactions with the site.

The designer should consider the following issues into an account while designing a website.

  • Flexibility of website in multiple browsers
  • Clarity and visibility of a site.

Before moving on to design a site, the web designers should discuss with the corresponding clients regarding their requirements. They must have a clear understanding of their client needs and clean layout on how to use graphics, links and forms if it is necessary. Very important thing that every web designer should consider is, the website should be designed in visitors point of view .i.e the site should be user friendly with easy navigation flow and interaction.

Roles played by Web Developer

Web developers are one who is responsible for a proper functioning for a website. As web designer gives importance to the look and feel of a website, the web developers will give importance on the functionality of a website.

Web developers will develop back end code for the of every web pages and web elements. The code should be developed in such a way that the works get done in very less time. They also take care for the functionality of landing pages. They ensure that the landing pages by the visitor will never be left blank on any circumstances. Web developer should sound good in technical terms such as PHP, HTML,CSS, etc. They also responsible for effective programming, configuring web servers, maintaining back end etc.

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